Stop 2 - Plastic Pollution


Plastic has made our life easier in so many ways but ...

it's made from a non-renewable resource - oil - which takes years to degrade, and accumulates as small particles in the environment including our waterways.

As it breaks down, many animals visually mistake plastic for food. Recent research shows that some plastic even smells like food to wild animals making ingestion even more likely. In addition, fishing nets and lines and other plastic items can ensnare animals on land and underwater. More recently, disposable masks and gloves have become part of the plastics problem.

As part of this tour you can help out the animals at Knoch Knolls Park and even further down the river by collecting at least one piece of plastic trash during your hike. Be sure to place the item in a recycling bin or garbage bin in the Lower Grove or by the parking lot.

We appreciate your help keeping our park clean and beautiful!